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History of The Williams Ranch


The Williams Ranch- Cowboy Themed Vacation Rentals Exotics and Petting Zoo Est. 2018

The Williams Ranch has been owned and operated by Ronnie Williams since 1981 when Ronnie Williams bought the property. The 40 acre ranch was originally apart of the 3000 acre Jones Family Estate.

The Jones family 3000 acres was purchased around the mid 1800’s by Mr. Jones who is Austin B Jones father, Austin B. Jones who was born around 1890. He Married an Estelle in around the early 1900’s, which the Estelle’s Family ranch was also off of FM 980 where The Estelle prison unit is currently today in Huntsville TX.

Austin B. Jones was a bootlegger back in the day from 1950-1972 before Huntsville went wet. Stories say he could be seen walking the streets and making his rounds in Huntsville in his black duster trench coat with his grey cowboy hat and his coat lined with pints of alcohol.  One of his stops was The Old Western Wear Store to take a nap in the back before he would hit the streets again. This was the store Ronnie Williams owned and operated in 1969.

The original house that was built on the Jones 3000 acre Ranch off of the lake was the Jones hunting cabin which is where the Cowboy cabin sits today on The Williams Ranch. Stories say that Jon B. Jones, the son of Austin B. Jones used the cabin for his Gambling layer and that the original cabin was set on fire and burned to the ground. After Austin B Jones passed the property was split up and sold off to what it is today.


The Williams Ranch has always been a place of country relaxation and a great a place where all The Williams children were raised and continue to return with their children to enjoy the ranch.  Ronnie Williams came from Texas City, TX in 1965 and settled in Huntsville went to Sam Houston University on a rodeo scholarship. He is a true cowboy and was a superior calf roper in his day. He won the 1968 NRIA on the Sam Houston Rodeo Team with the all-around championship. Won the 1968,1969,1970  Southwestern Rodeo Association in the calf roping event and in  1970 he won the all-around. Also won the Texas Rodeo Association in 1971 in the calf roping and has matched roped many worlds champions and won many of the roping. He has always had a passion for the rodeo life, horses and horse training and still continues with that today. Ronnie has been a part of the Huntsville Community since 1969 and has had many business around town such as The Old West Western Wear Store in 1969, Built his first shopping center off Sam Houston Avenue in 1973, had over 60 rental properties in Huntsville, owned Mr. Speedy Burger off of Sam Houston Ave by the college, and TexKap headwear Company.


In 2015, Ronnie and Cheri combined businesses and started the operation of Gibbs Street Manor. After opening Gibbs Street Manor Bed and Breakfast wedding venue in 2016 where they enjoy hosting guest and events, they decided to open and expand The Williams Ranch with multiple cowboy themed vacation rentals, exotics and petting zoo where guest from all over the globe can enjoy some East Texas Country Living, fishing, relaxing and experience all kinds of animals first hand.  


Ronnie Williams and Cheri Wasserman


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